Ms. Ilanit Waxman, M.Sc.

(jointly with Dr. David Zarrouk)

Robotic wave locomotion in viscous fluids 




Mr. Yosef Gulberg, M.Sc.

M. Sc. , R&D Engineer at WaterGen 

Flow control through use of heterogeneous porous media – see link




Mr. Shahar Idan, M.Sc.

Flow control through use of heterogeneous porous media:

An application to smart thermal insulation of construction blocks – see link





Avihi Spizzichino



Ph.D. student. Structural numerical simulations of fused fiber components 


See Link >

Eli Barami


Ph.D student (jointly with Prof. Semion Sukoriansky)

Analytical and numerical study of heat transfer enhancement in liquid metal by rotating  magnetic field


See Link >

Rafi Sela 


 M.Sc. student

Gadi Elgrabli


Ph.D. student


Control of the transition growth in Hartman flow



Arnon Ratsabi 


M.Sc. student 


Fluid and charged particles flow under the influence of an electric field

Shaul Evron 


M.Sc. student

Liav Daraf 


M.Sc. student


Cancer cell growth and proliferation on a monolayer



Yuri Feldman



Principal Investigator


Faculty profile >




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